The work of Britte Koolen consist minimalist, sculptural installations.

The installations seem to be difficult or intellectual, however are best discovered not by analytical contemplation, but by walking around them, seeing them from all angles and experiencing them as they are and as you are in space. They can give the audience new possibilities to interpret the space.

Precision is key. Precision can sometimes be arrived at intuitively: imperfections that show up while working can be deleted. but likewise exaggerated to become formal elements in their own right.

By embracing our universal desire to create order out of chaos, the installations create an intellectual game, combining fun with mental stimulation.


2017  Neighbourhood (group)
2018  Graduation show, University of the Arts (group)
2018  SBK Sprouts Young Talent, Amsterdam (group)
2018  Nomination SBK Young Talent Award
2018  Nomination SBK Otto Hetterscheid Stimuleringsprijs
2019  Moira Utrecht (solo)
2019  KIHK (group)
2020  Sexyland Amsterdam (group)


2020  OBJECT Rotterdam 6-9 February (Art Rotterdam)
2020  This Art Fair Amsterdam 21-25 May